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FotoFest 2014 Biennial

The International Meeting Place

Meeting Place Registration

Click Here for 2014 Meeting Place Registration Form

The 2014 Meeting Place is full.



The Meeting Place is organized into four 4-day sessions of portfolio reviews. A different group of reviewers is invited for each session. In 2014, the four sessions are:

SESSION 1: March 15 - 18
SESSION 2: March 20 - 23
SESSION 3: March 25 - 28
SESSION 4: March 30 - April 2

Artists are guaranteed a minimum of four appointments per day; a minimum of 16 over the course of each 4-day session. Each one-on-one meeting is 20 minutes in length. Artists are able to register for one or two sessions. Between each session, there are break days where workshops, curatorial forums, exhibition tours, lectures, and symposia take place.

Registration in the Meeting Place includes a reserved spot in the Evenings with the Artists - Open Portfolio Nights; free inclusion, with an image, in the Meeting Place Artist Directory Booklets given to all Meeting Place Reviewers; free access to Biennial exhibitions, curator-artist dialogues, seminars and conferences; opportunities for informal reviews with roving reviewers; discounted Workshop registration; free access to Artist Book Signings (juried); networking with fellow artists.



The fee to participate in one session of the Meeting Place is $870.

The registration fee includes:

  • A minimum of 16 individual portfolio reviews during a 4-day session

  • Free participation in FotoFest’s public event, Evenings with the Artists – Open Portfolio Nights, where you can display your work to the public and other Meeting Place participants.

  • Free access to additional exhibitions, artist talks, lectures, and book signings.

  • Opportunities for informal reviews with roving reviewers.

  • Networking with fellow artists

  • Discounted Workshop registration

  • Each registrant will have an image of their work included in the Registrants’ Catalogue 

Click Here for 2014 Meeting Place Registration Form



The 2014 Meeting Place is full.

Registration is open to all photographic artists. Spaces are limited.

On your registration form please indicate your preferred session(s), we will try to accommodate your preference. Please be aware that we cannot guarantee your preferred dates.

The registration form may be completed online and sent to FotoFest via email to There is no charge to submit your registration.

You may also register by regular mail or fax. NO phone or walk-in registrations are accepted. Please fax to 713-223-4411 or mail to Attention: The Meeting Place, 1113 Vine St. Suite 101, Houston, TX 77002.



FotoFest will confirm receipt of your registration form via e-mail.

If you DO NOT receive a confirmation via e-mail within 7 days, then we may not have received your registration. Please contact us at or by phone at 713-223-5522 ext. 13.

Registrations received after July 15, 2013are placed on the waiting list in the order in which they are received.



FotoFest will notify all those who sent their registration form during the Early Registration period, either confirming a space or notifying placement on the waiting list.

Payment will be required at this point.  Payment is accepted through PayPal, Credit Card or checks. If we do not receive payment from you in a timely manner, we will take your name off the Meeting Place and give the space to someone else on the waiting list.

For those sending a registration form after July 15. Registrations will be placed on the waiting list in the order in which they are received. An email notifying receipt of the registration will be sent within seven days, if email is not received, please let us know.

Available spaces will be offered to people on the waiting list in the order in which registrations were received. Payment will be required at this point.

When FotoFest has processed your payment, a final registration confirmation and receipt will be emailed to you.



Applicants who submited their registration form within the Early Registration period, but DID NOT receive a space in the Meeting Place, will be automatically placed at the top of the waiting list.

Registrations received after the Early Registration period (after July 15, 2013) will be placed on the waiting list in the order in which they are received.



FotoFest is not accepting cancellations any more.

Before December 9, 2013 - FotoFest provides a full refund minus a $100 administrative fee.
After December 9, 2013 – FotoFest does not make any refunds, unless FotoFest is able to sell your space to someone on our waiting list.  If we do so, FotoFest will provide a refund minus a $150 administrative fee.

Cancelled registrations are offered to people on the Meeting Place waiting list. The Meeting Place Registration is NON-TRANSFERABLE. FotoFest will not honor registrations that are sold or traded.

Click Here for 2014 Meeting Place Registration Form


If you have more questions about the registration process, please contact Alonso Tapia-Benitez, Meeting Place Associate, at or call 713-223-5522 ext. 13.

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