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"The Meeting Place was a wonderful opportunity to socialize with other reviewers and discuss photographers and our support of and interest in them."

Ashley Givens, Victoria and Albert Museum, London, UK
Meeting Place Reviewer


  FotoFest 2012 Biennial


2012 Meeting Place Reviewers

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SESSION 3: March 26 - 29, 2012

[List as of: March 4, 2012]

IMPORTANT - Please be aware that changes and cancelations may occur.

Liz Anders, Senior Associate, Kinzelman Art Consulting, Houston, Texas
Daniel Aycock, Director, Front Room Gallery, New York, New York
Howard Bossen, Adjunct Photography Curator, Michigan State University Museum, East Lansing, Michigan
Lisa Botos, Co-Founder, Ooi Botos Gallery, Hong Kong, China
Ève Cadieux, Independant Curator, Montreal, Canada
Maryann Camillieri, Founder, President and Director, Magenta Publishing and Flash Forward Festival, Toronto, Canada
Jean Caslin, Founding Partner, Caslin Gregory & Associates, Consultants to Arts & Culture, Houston, Texas
Jim Casper, Publisher, Lens Culture, Paris, France
Gary Chassman, Publisher, Verve Editions, Burlington, Vermont
Louise Clements, Artistic Director/Curator/Writer, QUAD & FORMAT International Photography Festival, Derby, United Kingdom
David Coleman, Director, The Wittliff Collections, Texas State University, San Marcos, Texas
Jason Dibley, Founding Organizer, Gift of Gift (GoGo), Houston, Texas
Sara Distin, Director of Curatorial Development, 20x200, New York, New York
Crista Dix, Founder and Director, Wall Space Gallery, Seattle, Washington
David Drake, Director, Ffotogallery, Cardiff, Wales, United Kingdom
Bevin Bering Dubrowski, Executive Director, Houston Center for Photography, Houston, Texas
Hava Gurevich, Director, Art2Art, Scarsdale, New York
Stephanie Heimann, Co-Director & Founder, Fovea Exhibitions, Beacon, New York
Elizabeth Houston, Owner, Hous Projects, New York, New York
Jason Houston, Picture Editor, Orion Magazine, Great Barrington, Massachusetts
Daniel M. Hughes, Senior Photo Editor, Getty Images, New York, New York
Hideko Kataoka, Director of Photography, Newsweek Japan, Tokyo, Japan
Dennis Kiel, Chief Curator, The Light Factory, Charlotte, North Carolina
Stefan Kirkeby, Director and Co-founder, Smith Andersen North Gallery, San Anselmo, California
Bill Kouwenhoven, HotShoe Magazine, Berlin, Germany
Patricia Lanza, Talent and Content Director, Annenberg Space for Photography, Los Angeles, California
Amy Miller, Executive Director, Atlanta Celebrates Photography, Atlanta, Georgia
Joan Morgenstern, Private Collector, Houston, Texas
Robert Morat, Director, Robert Morat Galerie, Hamburg, Germany
Chantel Paul, Assistant Curator, Museum of Photographic Arts, San Diego, California
Edward Osowski, Photo Collector, Houston, Texas
Rixon Reed, Director and Founder, Photoeye, Santa Fe, New Mexico
Rudolf Scheutle, Curator, Münchner Stadtmuseum, Munich, Germany
Jennifer Schwartz,Owner/Director, Jennifer Schwartz Gallery, Atlanta, Georgia
Rebecca Senf, Ph.D., Norton Family Curator, Center for Creative Photography, Tucson, Arizona
Matthew Shaul, Artistic Director, UH Galleries, University of Hertfordshire Arts , Hatfield, United Kingdom
Johan Sjostrom, Curator, Goteborg Museum of Art, Göteborg, Sweden
Marie Pierre Subtil, Chief Editor, 6Mois, Paris, France
Corinne Tapia, Director, Sous Les Etoiles Gallery, New York , New York
Christoph Tannert, Director, Kunstlerhaus Bethanien, Berlin, Germany
Ingo Taubhorn, Curator, Haus der Fotografie, Hamburg, Germany
Amber Terranova, Photo Editor, Photo District News magazine, New York, New York
Paula Tognarelli, Executive Director, Griffin Museum of Photography, Winchester, Massachusetts
Juan Travnik, Director, FotoGalería del Teatro San Martín, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Clint Willour, Curator, Galveston Arts Center, Galveston, Texas
Joanne Junga Yang, Director/Curator/Editor, Y&G Art Global Contemporary Project, Seoul, South Korea
Adrienne Johnson Yost, Senior Associate, Kinzelman Art Consulting, Houston, Texas
Natalie Zelt, Curatorial Assistant for Photography, Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, Texas
Del Zogg, Manager Works on Paper and Photography Collections, Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, Texas
Manfred Zollner, Photo Editor, fotoMAGAZIN, Hamburg, Germany

Liz Anders, Senior Associate
Kinzelman Art Consulting, Houston, Texas

Liz Anders is a Senior Associate at Kinzelman Art Consulting in Houston. Liz is an art advisor and manager of corporate and private collections, a fine art appraiser and also provides curatorial services for her clients. Liz holds a B.A. in Art History from the University of Texas at Austin and her M.A. in Modern and Contemporary Art, Connoisseurship and the History of the Art Market from Christie’s Education, New York. She previously worked in New York at Christie’s Auction House as well as in Austin, Texas at the Harry Ransom Humanities Research Center in the Photographs Department. Liz has curated exhibitions for FotoFest participating spaces since 2008 and past exhibitions include Lisa Robinson Snowbound, 2008 at Kinzelman Art Consulting, Peikwen Cheng and Daniel Traub China in Transition, 2008 at Travis Tower and Laurie Lambrecht Inside Roy Lichtenstein’s Studio, 2010 at Bank of America Center, Houston. Liz is currently serving on the exhibitions committee at the Houston Center for Photography.

As a portfolio reviewer, she offers participants guidance in editing and can assist photographers with appropriate ways of presenting their portfolios and work for consideration by collectors. She is most interested in viewing cohesive bodies of work and photography that is suitable for exhibition and sale within the corporate or private sector. She is not interested in viewing stock, fashion, nudes or floral based imagery.

Daniel Aycock, Founder, Director
The Front Room Gallery, New York, New York, USA

Daniel Aycock is the Founder/Director of The Front Room Gallery founded in 1999 in Brooklyn, New York. Since 1999 The Front Room has been dedicated to exhibiting artwork by emerging and mid-career artists with a concentration on photography, drawing, conceptual art, video, audio art, sculpture and installation. The Front Room presents artists' work that is innovative in practice and concept, challenges social perceptions while establishing a context to the familiar.

Aycock has curated exhibitions internationally, with universities, museums, artist’s residencies and art fairs. Aycock has been the invited guest juror/critic for ASMP (Association of Media Photographers, NY), SVA (School of Visual Arts, NY), ISCP (International Studio Curatoral Project, NY), Fotofest, and many others. In 2001 he founded WAGMAG, Brooklyn Art Guide, a monthly printed publication listing all of the arts institutions in Brooklyn. Aycock is a longtime member and previous president of the Williamsburg Gallery Association. He received his BFA in Photography from Texas Tech University and his Masters Degree from the School of Visual Arts (SVA.)

As a reviewer for Fotofest, Mr. Aycock will offer critical advice, career council, and help the artist avail themselves to the possibilities in the gallery world in New York. Mr. Aycock is most interested in viewing bodies of work that are mentally and conceptually challenging, that make a statement about the human condition, whether it be political, historical, existential, or metaphorical. The Front Room Gallery exhibits works of fine art photography and video, and while there are always some crossovers between journalism and commercial photography, Mr. Aycock would prefer not to review photography that focuses on fashion, nudes, food, editorial, or stock imagery.

Lisa Botos, Co-Founder
Ooi Botos Gallery, Hong Kong, China

Lisa Botos is co-founder of Ooi Botos Gallery, one of Hong Kong's leading avant-garde galleries focused on contemporary photography, multimedia and video art. She curates gallery exhibitions and is editor of accompanying exhibition catalogues and monographs. In addition, she curates and manages art and consulting projects in Singapore, where she currently resides.

Formerly, Picture Editor of Time magazine (Asia), in that role she, and her team, garnered numerous international awards. At Time she collaborated with photographic artists such as James Nachtwey, Lauren Greenfield and Carl De Keyser. In her role as gallerist-curator, she has worked with both established and emerging artists such as Xing Danwen, Chen Man and Yi Zhou. Lisa holds a MA in International Communications - with a focus on visual communications.

Lisa continues to engage in editorial photo editing projects. In 2010, she was guest photo editor for OjodePez magazine. The issue - No. 20 - was entitled “Outside”. She co-edited John Stanmeyer’s book " Island of the Spirits", released in 2010. Currently she is Singapore correspondent for the magazine Punctum, a publication dedicated to contemporary Asian photography.

Lisa is interested in contemporary photography and video as an art form looking to review photographers using the medium in original or unexpected ways – pushing the boundaries of the medium. She would like to see original styles and techniques or an engagement with older techniques used in a fresh, new way. She is also interested in exploring photographic media in conjunction with or interacting with other new or traditional (ie. painting or drawing) media and art forms. Lisa is also interested in conceptual and process-oriented photography and works made without a camera.

Lisa would like to review fine art photography and inventive documentary and street photography. She would prefer not to review commercial, fashion, food and stock photography.

As a portfolio reviewer, she can offer insight into the Asian photography market (both editorial and fine art).

Howard Bossen, Adjunct Photography Curator
Michigan State University Museum, East Lansing, Michigan

Howard Bossen is the adjunct photography curator at the Michigan State University Museum, a Smithsonian Institution Affiliate, and a professor of journalism. The Michigan State University Museum is the natural science and culture museum at MSU and Michigan’s first Smithsonian Institution affiliate. For the MSU Museum, he is developing a photography exhibitions program to fit the broad mandate to explore culture and natural science.

He was the curator for Luke Swank: Modernist Photographer, a retrospective exhibition at the Carnegie Museum of Art (CMA), Pittsburgh, PA and the Kresge Art Museum in 2005 and 2006. He is the author of many articles and the books Luke Swank: Modernist Photographer and Henry Holmes Smith: Man of Light. Both the book and exhibition Luke Swank: Modernist Photographer have received critical acclaim. He is currently working on the research for Molten Light: The Intertwined History of Steel and Photography, a book and exhibition. He was the photography curator at the Kresge Art Museum from 2004 to 2010. He has been an invited juror and portfolio reviewer to FotoFest, Photolucida and Critical Mass.

He has a Ph.D. and an M.A. from The Ohio State University and a B.F.A. from Philadelphia College of Art (now known as The University of the Arts). He is a former Fulbright Fellow and was Distinguished Visiting Professor in the Center for the Arts in Society at Carnegie Mellon University in 2002.

He is interested in looking at all kinds of work: color and black and white, documentary and photojournalism, modern, post-modern, conceptual, etc. He is especially interested in work that explores the intersection of art and culture and art and natural science, the primary missions of the Michigan State University Museum. He prefers not to review advertising and commercial work.

He will be looking for work for inclusion in exhibitions at the Michigan State University Museum, the Atrium Gallery at Michigan State and for photographers to invite to the university to give lectures or workshops. He can provide curatorial insight and feedback on portfolios and advice on how to strengthen them.

Ève Cadieux, Independant Curator
Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Until 2011, Ève Cadieux was General and Artistic Director of VU, centre de diffusion et de production de la photographie. VU is an artist-run center which, since 1981, has been dedicated to the development of the photographic image. VU provides artists with access to its production equipment for digital and silver gelatin photography. The center supports emerging practices and promotes critical thinking about the issues in contemporary photography. It receives artists in creative residencies and is active in the publishing field. VU also has a documentation center where researchers and students can find a large collection of volumes on contemporary photography. VU is a non-profit organization made up of and administered by an artists' collective. The centre is a member of the Meduse cooperative in Quebec City.

Since the summer 2011, Ms. Cadieux returned to her artistic practice and independent curating projects for exhibitions and art books. She is still involved with RCAAQ, an association based on an expertise of over 20 years in contemporary Art. Over the years, it has become the meeting point of a network of some sixty artist-run centers and cultural organizations from all over the province of Quebec. It represents an interest community of over 2 250 professional artists and cultural workers.

As an artist, her photo work has been shown in major exhibitions and events in different countries, like Canada, France, Belgium, Poland, and Serbia. Her work explores the relationship between found objects and the nature of photographic medium. Writing has a special place in her work, in the form of installations and books.

As a portfolio reviewer, Ève Cadieux offers participants professional development and diverse opportunities available at VU and other Quebec artist-run centers. She is also interested in finding new talents for eventual exhibitions in Quebec. Ève Cadieux is most interested in viewing cohesive bodies of work centered on conceptually driven themes. She welcomes reviewing image-based contemporary work, including artists’ books, darkroom or digital prints. Ms. Cadieux would prefer not to review traditional nudes, landscapes, floral, fashion, or stock photography.

Maryann Camillieri, Founder, President and Director
Magenta Publishing and Flash Forward Festival, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

The Magenta Foundation is a charitable arts-publishing house, the first of its kind in Canada. Launched in 2004, it fills the very specific niche of establishing a place for Canadian artists in the international arts community. Through its diversity with book publishing, online arts magazine, YouTube channel and the latest expansion of the Flash Forward Festival from Toronto into Boston, the foundation is embracing the ever-changing technology era. Forging alliances with international galleries, curators and artists, Magenta mounts exhibitions in Canada, the United States and abroad.

Notable titles published by Magenta include Phantom Shanghai and Hanoi Calling by Greg Girard, The Station Point by Robert Bourdeau, The Dead by Jack Burman, Carte Blanche Volumes 1 & 2 and the Flash Forward Festival Catalogues 2004 to the present.

Known and respected for her commitment to providing a platform for emerging talent and to increasing the profile of under-documented established artists, MaryAnn is sought out to provide advice and guidance to individuals, corporations and non-profit organizations. She has dedicated her career to ensuring that Canada’s vital cultural history is chronicled for future generations and creating a platform for emerging artists that will encourage and empower them for years to come.

Ms. Camilleri is interested in seeing well developed projects from documentary to fine arts photography which are fresh for exhibition or publication. Her diversity allows her to give good advice on editing, presentation and marketing your work for gallery and or publication. Whether projects are appropriate for Magenta’s publishing mandate or not, MaryAnn is happy to offer advice and encouragement in proceeding with publishing projects in ways that will best suit the project. She does not want to look at nude, landscape or commercial stock photography.

Jean Caslin, Founding Partner
Caslin Gregory & Associates, Consultants to Arts & Culture, Houston, Texas

Jean Caslin is a founding partner of Caslin Gregory & Associates, Consultants to Arts & Culture. Along with Diane Griffin Gregory, CG&A provides coaching for visual artists, as well as marketing, editorial and development services for artists and organizations. Caslin holds a BA in English and art history from Boston University and an MA in art history from Stanford University. During 26 years in non-profit arts management, she served as administrator, curator, educator, and fundraiser while fostering the careers of emerging and mid-career artists. From 1979 to 1988, she was assistant director of Photographic Resource Center at Boston University.

Caslin served as executive director and curator of Houston Center for Photography from 1988 to 2005. She has taught courses in the history of photography at six colleges in Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Texas. As an independent curator, she is interested in the relationship between the arts and healing.

Jean Caslin wants to meet and support visual artists whose work shows innovative approaches to either traditional or experimental photography.

Jim Casper, Publisher
Lensculture, Paris France

Jim Casper is the editor and publisher of Lens Culture, an international online magazine exploring contemporary photography, art, media, and world cultures. Lens Culture's website attracts more than two million visitors per year, from more than 50 countries worldwide. Casper is an active participant in photography festivals and conferences around the world. He writes and lectures about photography, curates shows, and organizes photography-related events and workshops. Casper also serves on the international advisory board of San Francisco’s PhotoAlliance, a non-profit educational organization. He currently lives and works in Paris, France.

Casper is especially interested in exploring contemporary photography and how it interacts and overlaps with other art forms, mass media, and world cultures. Lens Culture features the work of photographers from all continents and various points of view: documentary, fine art, photojournalism, multimedia, lyrical, personal, abstract, human, and street photography. He is NOT particularly interested in commercial photography, fashion, stock, or work that relies largely on digital manipulation (except for digital multimedia/projections with sound).

Gary Chassman, President
Verve Editions, Burlington, Vermont

President, Verve Editions, independent producer of illustrated books, and museum and gallery exhibitions in the areas of art, architecture, nature, photography, and popular culture. Verve Editions collaborates with outstanding authors, artists, photographers, graphic designers, and printers to create distinguished publications produced with integrity and conceived to reach the widest possible audience.

With over three decades in publishing, Gary Chassman has worked with many of the major publishers of illustrated books in the U.S. and Europe, along with museums such as the Smithsonian Institution, the Wiseman Art Museum, the Memphis Brooks Museum of Art, and numerous regional museums. His exhibition and book on the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King included the work of more than 100 visual artists. Among recent exhibitions are Protest in Montgomery (Montgomery Museum of Fine Arts), The English Garden at Night (Thames & Hudson), The Garden at Night, (Chronicle Books, San Francisco), Lost Worlds, (ACC Editions, London & New York), and Marilyn: Intimate Exposures with co-editions in four languages (Sterling Publishers, New York). Chassman has published the work of classic photographers such as Edward S. Curtis (Sacred Legacy, Simon & Schuster) as well as numerous contemporary photographers including Arno Minkkinen, Linda Rutenbers, Arthur Drooker, Honey Lazar, Keri Pickett, Patty Carroll, and Lloyd Wolf, among others.

In addition to his activities as an independent book producer, Chassman provides strategic planning and implementation as well as consulting services for photographers and visual artists, corporate clients, (Pepsico, Merrill Lynch) and major media outlets such as The Montreal Gazette.

Chassman is most interested in seeing contemporary work with a strong underlying theme, thoroughly developed documentary photography, portraiture, and work possessing a sense of captivating beauty.

Louise Clements, Artistic Director/Curator/Writer
QUAD & FORMAT International Photography Festival, Derby UK

Artistic Director of QUAD, a centre for contemporary art & film. Co-founder, Artistic Director/Curator since 2004 of FORMAT International Photography Festival Derby UK. QUAD, contains galleries, an independent cinema, artist studios, digital and physical production spaces and a British Film Institute Mediatheque. As a curator, since 1998 Louise has initiated and curated many commissions and exhibitions of international and emerging contemporary art, artists residencies, conferences, debates, produced many publications and film works. QUAD programme organizes several exhibitions per year, many of which tour internationally.

FORMAT is one of the UKs leading contemporary photography festivals, the biennial programme in March, celebrates the wealth of contemporary practice in international photography. FORMAT is the place to see an incredible range of new work alongside some of the best-known practitioners in the world. FORMAT is focused on developing opportunities for audiences to see, debate, develop and engage in the best of what contemporary international photography is and can be alongside a commissioning, education and professional practice programme.

Louise writes about photography for catalogues and magazines in both print and online media including: Kwartalnik Fotografia, Creative Review, Next Level, AN magazine, South Korean Photography, Troika Editions, Arts Professional and a regular contributor and non-executive Director for the online magazine a non profit organisation dedicated to promoting and supporting contemporary photography through publishing, exhibiting, workshops and awards. She is currently collaborating on a major publication with Mark McPherson at Big City Press, titled Hijacked3 contemporary photography from Australia/UK.

She is keen to see photographers who are interested to discuss ideas and open to see work at any stage of project development. Interested in anything from documentary, photo-journalism, archive, photo/cross artform installation and contemporary/narrative photography, including film and performance. She is less interested to see travel, commercial, advertising, stock unless they fit into the above.

During the review she can offer critique on creative practice and advice on strategies for the promotion of work and conceptual project development ideas for exhibition in gallery or public space. During the review process photographers can expect supportive discussion on their projects and if relevant, referrals and suggestions for venues or avenues for progression. In exceptional cases she can offer opportunities to exhibit or participate in QUAD/FORMAT programmes including residencies, participatory and other projects. However nothing will not be offered during the reviews, but will be followed up on after the event if approprieate.

David Coleman, Director
The Wittliff Collections, Texas State University, San Marcos, Texas, USA

The Wittliff Collections offers a dynamic archival, exhibition, programming, and research environment designed to further the cultural legacy of our region’s literary and photographic arts, and foster “the spirit of place” in the wider world. The Southwestern Writers Collection preserves and exhibits the literary papers and artifacts of principal writers, filmmakers, and musicians of the Southwest. The Southwestern & Mexican Photography Collection is one of the world’s foremost institutions devoted to collecting the photographic arts of Mexico and the southwestern United States. Both collections have book series published by the University of Texas Press.

Dr. Coleman is interesting in reviewing work taken in the southwestern U.S. and Mexico, with a particular interest in work that emphasizes the human element. The Wittliff only exhibits and publishes works from its permanent collection.

Jason Dibley, Founding Organizer
Gift of Gift (GoGo), Houston, Texas, USA


Jason Dibley is a founding organizer of Gift of Gift (GoGo). GoGo seeks to aid emerging and mid-career artists whose work is not currently included in a major museum collection. Through an annual one night exhibition and vote party, prints are collectively purchased by attendees and “gifted” to a collecting institution. Jason is also a member of Houston Center for Photography’s Auction Committee. From 2008 - 2011, he worked as the Exhibitions Coordinator at HCP.

As a reviewer, Jason is interested in helping photographers in any way possible and is crazy about looking at pictures. Developed bodies of work are ideal for review. Quirky and/or strange work is happily welcome as is journalism with a distinct and sympathetic eye. Jason can provide insight into appropriate outlets for artists’ work and guidance with artist statements and editing portfolios.

Sara Distin, Director of Curation & Content
20X200, New York, New York, USA

Sara Distin is Director of Curation and Content at | Jen Bekman Projects, in New York, NY. She also oversees and participates on the panel for JBP’s international photography competition, Hey, Hot Shot! and collaborates with Jen Bekman Gallery to create innovative and diverse opportunities for artists.

She’s worked with hundreds of artists to create limited-edition prints for 20x200 and present and market their work online. Through Hey, Hot Shot! she reviews thousands of images annually to identify the most talented and dedicated photographers working today. Also an artist and writer, she earned an MFA in photography from Pratt Institute, in Brooklyn, NY, in 2008. Sara is interested in seeing fine art and documentary portfolios and can provide critical guidance, tools and feedback to photographers looking to refine and edit their work. She is less able to be helpful in reviewing commercial portfolios. For photographers who have polished bodies of work, she is able to share information about how to navigate galleries, approach publishers, build working relationships, and present and market your work to both traditional and new media audiences.

Crista Dix, Founder and Director
Wall Space Gallery, Seattle, WA

Crista Dix is the Founder and Director of wall space gallery originally in Seattle, Washington and now transplanted to Santa Barbara, California.

Starting in this creative field as a photographer, collector and lover of the visual image, Crista decided to put down her camera and utilize her years of business management to help promote photographers and photography. With a background in science, business and creative arts, she has created a gallery space that celebrates artists' vision.

She has been a member of numerous panels and discussions, juried creative competitions, most recently for Center for Fine Art Photography in Fort Collins and Photographic Center Northwest, and has participated in major portfolio reviews across the country in Houston, Portland, Los Angeles, Santa Fe and New Orleans.

David Drake, Director
Ffotogallery, Cardiff, Wales, United Kingdom

David Drake is the Director of Ffotogallery, the national development agency for photography and lens-based media in Wales. Since its foundation in 1978, Ffotogallery has been the major force for contemporary photography in Wales, and is recognised as the national forum for debate in this field, with a focus for new developments in British and international photographic art. Ffotogallery’s work is outward looking, with an exhibition programme featuring artists from the UK and the rest of the world. Ffotogallery widens its range of influence through gallery presentations and touring exhibitions, collaborations with other organisations and galleries, publishing, artist commissions and residencies and an extensive education programme. Ffotogallery is organising the first Cardiff International Festival of Photography in 2013.

As well leading all curatorial and publishing projects at Ffotogallery, David Drake’s 30 year arts career includes extensive curatorial, publishing, management and production experience for organisations as diverse as Watershed Media Centre, Bristol Museums and Galleries, Pimilico Arts and Media and Picture This Moving Image.

As a portfolio reviewer, David Drake offers participants curatorial feedback and guidance on how to present their work to galleries and publishers, including Ffotogallery, how to pitch for art commissions, and advice on their development as a professional artist. He is most interested in viewing cohesive bodies of work with conceptually driven themes that have been or are near completion. He welcomes reviewing contemporary image-based work across a wide range of practices, including fine art and documentary photography, video, installation and digital media work. As Ffotogallery does not present purely commercial, fashion or stock photography, he would prefer not to review such work.

Bevin Bering Dubrowski
Executive Director, Houston Center for Photography, Houston, Texas, USA
Editor, spot magazine

Bevin Bering Dubrowski is Executive Director of Houston Center for Photography, a nonprofit organization founded in 1981 offering year-round exhibitions, workshops, publications, outreach programs, lectures, and classes. HCP's mission is to increase society's understanding and appreciation of photography and its evolving role in contemporary culture, and produces 15 - 20 exhibitions annually on and off-site, balancing work by regional and internationally acclaimed emerging, mid-career, and established artists. Bevin is also editor of spot magazine, a bi-annual journal of photography that includes artist portfolios, interviews, exhibition and book excerpts, and highlights on HCP members' work.

Bevin works with HCP's staff, Exhibitions Committee, and visiting curators to organize exhibitions at HCP. Prior to joining HCP as Executive Director, Bevin founded the photography division of Bering & James and served as gallery director. Bevin is also a practicing photographer and received her BA in Art History and Visual Arts from Emory University.

Bevin is interested in seeing work to be considered for exhibition at Houston Center for Photography and to be published in spot magazine. She is interested in seeing complete bodies of work as well as works in progress that have a strong focus or artistic perspective. She prefers to see work that promotes dialog, is concerned with the history and future of photography as a medium, and also work that has social and/or historical relevance. She can also provide constructive critique for those interested. HCP aims to exhibit work that not been previously exhibited in Houston and the surrounding area is preferred.

In addition to FotoFest's meeting place, Bevin has reviewed portfolios for Lens Culture/ FotoFest Paris, Photo Nola, and Photo Lucida. She has also recently served as a juror for Critical Mass and the Lens Culture International Exposure Awards. She also serves on the FotoFest Art Board.

Hava Gurevich, Director
Art2Art, Scarsdale, NY

Hava Gurevich’s extensive background in photography stretches back over 25 years - freelance journalist, fashion photographer, fine artist, college instructor, gallery director, photography dealer and manager of a prestigious private Photography collection. Currently she is the Director of art2art Circulating Exhibitions, a traveling exhibitions company that specializes in photography.

As a college art instructor at Illinois State University and Eureka College, Gurevich has been a mentor to numerous art students - providing guidance, insight and constructive critiques. In her position as a gallery director at Carol Ehlers Gallery in Chicago and Tom Gitterman Gallery in NYC, Gurevich worked with photography collectors and art consultants, reviewed countless portfolios, and participated in several international photography fairs including AIPAD.

Gurevich is also the Executive Director of the Disfarmer Project, a program devoted to the reconstitution and study of the celebrated photographer Michael Disfarmer, his life and work. In conjunction with this, Ms. Gurevich has curated two Disfarmer Exhibitions - one for the US market and one for the European market. Ms. Gurevich is also the associate producer of a feature film documentary about Disfarmer’s life that has been screened in the US, Canada, Australia and Europe.

Founded in 2004, art2art Circulating Exhibitions is an organization that curates and tours photography exhibitions - committed to providing high-quality collections on a wide range of topics, accessible to regional museums, university art galleries and other small or mid-size public institutions. As the founding director of art2art, Ms.Gurevich is responsible for scouting new shows, curating exhibitions (both solo as well as group shows) and placing them in museums.

As a reviewer, Hava Gurevich brings to the table her wealth of knowledge and practical experience in the field of Photography. From the perspective of a practitioner, dealer and curator Ms Gurevich can offer critiques, insight, advice and networking opportunities. Additionally, she is actively searching for new photography shows to add to art2art’s museum offerings. While open to reviewing all forms of photographic media and expression, she is most interested in reviewing work that might be appropriate for a museum show – art2art’s exhibitions are content driven with a wide range of themes but an emphasis on work that addresses current events, multiculturalism, natural history and anthropology.

Stephanie Heimann, Co-Director and Founder
Fovea Exhibitions, Beacon, New York, USA

Stephanie Heimann is co-Director and founder of Fovea, and a veteran photography editor. Fovea is a 100% volunteer-run exhibition and educational space in the Hudson Valley region north of New York City. The mission is to promote public understanding of news and social issues through the medium of photography. Her primary work is as a freelance photography editor. Her most recent projects are as Photo Editor for Al Gore, as part of the team producing the iPad app and physical book 'Our Choice', the twin companion to "Inconvenient Truth", and as Photo Development Editor for a first edition Environmental Science textbook.

Based in New York for the past decade, she has worked at many national and international print titles in both freelance and staff capacities including Newsweek, Fortune Small Business, Luxury SpaFinder Magazine, New York Magazine, Scientific American and more. Previously based in Hong Kong, Stephanie worked with Time Magazine's Asian edition, Discovery (Cathay Pacific's inflight magazine) and the Chinese weekly Next Magazine. Before Hong Kong, she spent three years in Moscow as a photo editor and photographer, covering post-Soviet culture and the first war in Chechnya.

As a photo editor for print and new media publications, and the co-director of an editorially driven exhibition space, Stephanie is able to give professional advice in navigating photographic opportunities in the editorial world with an international perspective. She is most interested in seeing narrative-based photography projects, including documentary, news, and narrative portraiture on all topics, and especially projects covering any scope of environmental issues.

Elizabeth Houston, Owner and Director
hous projects, New York, NY

Elizabeth Houston is the owner and director of hous projects, New York.

hous projects was founded in September 2007 by Elizabeth Houston and John Houshmand. It is based on a collaborative and inter-media approach. The gallery’s initiation to the contemporary scene imbues fresh voices from artists who work in the present and explore a cornucopia of facets. Furthermore, such artists are linked by a commitment to technical mastery as well as concept. Core artists are able to realize the fusion of these ideals with the support of hous projects and our commitment to bringing their work to exhibitions both home and abroad. The gallery has exhibited with photoLA, Scope Hamptons, Scope London, Scope Miami, Scope New York, Scope Basel and Zona Maco. hous projects has met success with collectors and critics alike and been reviewed in The Wall Street Journal, The New Yorker, The Village Voice, and The New York Times amongst others. In our senior year, we look forward to continuing with our stable of artists as well as debuting talent in photography as well as other mediums in New York.

In addition to her work with hous projects, Elizabeth Houston has participated as a juror for various portfolio reviews and exhibitions including International Center of Photography, Critical Mass and Women in Photography.

As a portfolio reviewer, Elizabeth Houston offers participants professional development, guidance, and curatorial insight as well as the potential to work with hous projects. She is most interested in viewing well-executed and cohesive bodies of work with a contemporary focus. She welcomes reviewing a range of processes including video and new media.

Jason Houston, Picture Editor
Orion Magazine, Great Barrington, Massachusetts

Jason Houston is a photo editor, photographer, filmmaker, and multimedia producer dedicated to issues at the intersection of social and environmental concerns. He has worked for 20 years focusing on longer-term assignments for editorial and NGO clients around the world and has exhibited his work widely in both fine art and public spaces. Jason works as photography editor for Orion magazine, a non-profit, non-commercial periodical exploring the dynamics between nature, culture, and place; is co-editor of Fraction J, an online photojournalism magazine; is an advisory board member for Blue Earth Alliance; and a frequent reviewer, juror, presenter, and curator for photography events of all types around the world. His websites are,, and

Jason is interested in all types of work, but has the most to offer journalistic and documentary projects or issue driven or 'concerned' art. If you are interested in your work being considered for Orion, please be familiar with several recent back issues of the PRINT edition.

Daniel M. Hughes, Senior Photo Editor
Getty Images, New York, New York, USA

Founded in 1995 by Mark Getty and Jonathan Klein, Getty Images is a worldwide leader in Editorial (News, Sports, Entertainment, Archive), and Creative Stock Photography.

Daniel M. Hughes is a Senior Photo Editor in the Creative Department at Getty Images in New York. He works in collaboration with Getty Images’ roster of award-winning photographers to source, edit and art direct stock photography for a global client base. Daniel received his MFA in Photography, Video & Related Media from the School of Visual Arts in 2004 and has worked in the Photo Industry for over 8 years.

In addition, Daniel teaches Portfolio Development and Professional Practice in the Photography Department at the College of Staten Island/City University of New York. Daniel has been an invited guest speaker for students at New York University, Fashion Institute of Technology and Savannah College Art & Design and has participated in Portfolio Reviews for the ASMP, powerHouse Books and PDN PhotoPlus Expo.

While Daniel is comfortable reviewing all genres of photography, he is most effective at critiquing and offering guidance to photographers who have completed a cohesive body of work with a target audience of commercial, creative stock (all genres) and/or fine art photography. Getty Images Creative works with photographers in a multitude of capacities both directly via the creative contributors’ agreement and via our image partner Flickr. Exceptional bodies of work will be considered for participation in either of these access points if a photographer’s work meets creative submission guidelines and current collection needs.

Hideko Kataoka, Director of Photographyr
Newsweek Japan, Tokyo, Japan

Hideko Kataoka has been director of photography at Newsweek Japan, since 2001. She joined the magazine as a photographer in 1991, covering news and social issues in East Asia, as well as making portraits of world business and cultural leaders. As director of photography, she oversees and directs photography both for the magazine and its special issues.

In 2004, Hideko launched the Picture Power section in the magazine, a weekly photo essay that captures underreported topics around the world. She has also served as a jury member at international photography competitions including World Press Photo and is on the advisory board of Punctum Magazine, international photo magazine started in 2011, showcase for contemporary photography from a Pan-Asiatic point of view.

Hideko is most interested in reviewing new and innovative approaches to documentary projects, photojournalism and concepts employing the narrative uses of photography. She would prefer not to review portfolios of abstract, commercial, fashion or stock orientated photography.

She can offer opportunities to publish photographer’s work in Newsweek Japan’s weekly photo essay section, online slide show on the magazine’s web site and special issues. Hideko is able to advice on strategies of documentary photography and help photographers with networking and promotional opportunities in Japan.

Dennis Kiel, Chief Curator
The Light Factory Contemporary Museum of Photography and Film, Charlotte, North Carolina

Dennis Kiel has been Chief Curator at The Light Factory Contemporary Museum of Photography and Film since 2007. The Light Factory was founded in 1972 as a photographers’ cooperative and for almost years has presented a rich variety of work by local, national, and international artists. With the addition of film in 1969, it has been able to communicate new ideas and expand the parameters of its cultural landscape.

Before joining The Light Factory, Mr. Kiel served as the Associate Curator of Prints, Drawings, and Photographs at the Cincinnati Art Museum for 24 years. During that time, he curated numerous exhibitions, including The Hollywood Photographs of George Hurrell (later a traveling show for SITES), The Human Experience: Photographs by Nicholas Nixon, and Borrowed Time: The Photograph as Music Album Cover. For five years, he taught a class in the history of photography at Northern Kentucky University, Highland Heights, Kentucky. At The Light Factory, Mr. Kiel created The Light Factory Juried Annuale, a competition that attracts artists from around the world. He also curated Group f.64: Photographs by Ansel Adams, Edward Weston, Imogen Cunningham, Willard Van Dyke, and Brett Weston, The Romance of the Road, Suspicious Minds: Surrealism in the 21st Century, Bring the Family, and Body & Soul. Mr. Kiel served as a member of the National Endowment for the Arts (NEA) panel titled “American Masterpieces: Visual Arts Touring” (2009) and has participated in portfolio reviews at Houston Fotofest (2008 and 2010), “Our World” for Photo Alliance, San Francisco (2008-2010), and Photolucida, Portland, OR (2011). He was also a juror for Photolucida’s Critical Mass 2011.

Mr. Kiel received a BFA in Graphic Design from Ohio University and an MA in Art History from the University of Cincinnati. He also studied The History of Photography at Pennsylvania State University.

Mr. Kiel is interested in looking at and reviewing all areas of photography with the exception of commercial work (primarily advertising). He can offer inspiration, advice on exhibitions, and proper presentation. His goal is to help the photographer find a direction to move his or her work to the next level.

Stefan Kirkeby, Owner
Smith Andersen North Gallery, San Anselmo, California

Smith Andersen North was established in 2004. The gallery maintains an active exhibition schedule creating shows by established and emerging artists, primarily from the San Francisco Bay area. The emphasis is on 20th century and contemporary fine art photography and photo-based art.

Stefan holds a degree in cultural anthropology from UC Santa Cruz. He is also a photographer and has a wide knowledge of the photographic history and processes.

Before opening his gallery, Stefan spent over 10 years at the contemporary art museum Louisiana in Denmark, as chief preparator, registrar and traveling exhibition coordinator and worked closely with exhibitions and photographers ranging from William Eggleston and Lewis Baltz to Jeff Wall and Doug Aitken. He is a Board member of Photo Alliance.

Bill Kouwenhoven, International Editor
Hot Shoe Magazine, London, England

Bill Kouwenhoven is International Editor of HotShoe magazine. HotShoe is Europe's leading contemporary photographic magazine showcasing the best of established and up-and-coming photographic talent across a wide range of photographic genres. Its informative and incisive comment is complemented by extensive information on what is happening and what is new in the international world of contemporary photography.

In addition to working with HotShoe for the past four years, Mr. Kouwenhoven is a frequent contributor to numerous other contemporary photography journals in the United States, England and Europe including Afterimage, Aperture, British Journal of Photography, Foto 8, Photonews, Foto, European Photography, and Camera Austria. From 1996 to 2001 he was editor of the late but fondly remembered Photo Metro magazine of San Francisco. He is the author of several small monographs, and the major survey of contemporary Spanish Photography and Video, Nuevas Historias (Hatje Cantz, 2008). He lives and works in Berlin and New York.

He is especially interested in documentary and photojournalism oriented work as well as compelling work addressing contemporary issues whether abstract or concrete. He is not interested in commercial or fashion related work, but can always be persuaded by the quality and strength of vision expressed by the photographer in any genre. He is looking for well-edited portfolios to include in the magazine to which he contributes or edits as well as for the purposes of nominating work for other photography festivals. Mr. Kouwenhoven brings an experience of over 15 years in photography and a thorough knowledge of contemporary practice, gallery tastes, and publishing.

Patricia Lanza, Talent and Content Director
The Annenberg Space for Photography, Los Angeles, California

My career spans more than 25 years in photography. I began my career working as a photo researcher and photo editor for the National Geographic Society in Washington DC eventually working for eight years as a contract photographer. Assignments working for prestigious worldwide clients and publications, including under contract with the Herald Tribune Newspaper Syndicate, took me to 48 countries and five continents.

Beginning in 2005, I became a Consultant with the Annenberg Foundation to report and implement the Wallis Annenberg Initiative on Photography. This evolved into assisting in the development of the Annenberg Space for Photography: inclusive of research, the digital presentation system, programming, and working with the architects on specific aspects of the building of this new state- of the- art gallery space. In 2009 at the launch of the Annenberg Space for Photography, I became its Talent and Content Director. My responsibilities include working with Wallis Annenberg, the Foundation Trustees and Executive Director, in creating and carrying out the vision through themed programming and photographic exhibitions.

As a portfolio reviewer I can offer participants guidance on professional development, and opportunities that become available per exhibitions as well as other programs at ASP. The Annenberg Space for Photography presents all types of photography, from documentary to fine art in group exhibitions.

Amy Miller, Executive Director
Atlanta Celebrates Photography (ACP), Atlanta, Georgia

Amy Miller is the Executive Director of Atlanta Celebrates Photography (ACP). ACP produces an annual month-long, city-wide photography festival as well as year round programs aimed at nurturing and supporting photographers, educating and engaging audiences and enriching the national (and international) dialogue on photography.

Ms. Miller earned her MFA in photography from Pratt Institute and was Gallery Assistant at Alan Klotz Gallery in NY from 1995 – 1997. She was Gallery Director at Fay Gold Gallery in Atlanta from 2000 – 2007 where she first met and worked with luminaries of fine art photography and exhibited their work at art-fairs across the US.

As the popularity of photography has exploded and opportunities for photographers have increased, Ms. Miller has become even more excited about the possibilities of the medium. In the last five years, Ms. Miller has participated in numerous portfolio review events, curated exhibitions, juried shows and judged competitions including Critical Mass. She is interested in seeing all types of work except nudes and commercial work.

Ms. Miller can assist photographers in finding their voice and thinking through unfinished bodies of work. She can edit and critique. She can help photographers find their audience and she can often connect photographers with finished bodies of work to opportunities for getting that work seen.

Robert Morat, Director
Robert Morat Gallery, Hamburg / Berlin, Germany

Robert Morat is the founder, owner and executive director of the Robert Morat Gallery, with exhibition spaces in both Hamburg and Berlin, Germany. The gallery opened its doors in Hamburg in 2004. From the very beginning, the gallery has focussed on the discovery and presentation of young, new positions in contemporary photography. More established contemporary photographers such as Jessica Backhaus, Peter Bialobrzeski, Peter Granser, Richard Renaldi, Adam Bartos, Simon Roberts, Christian Patterson or Joakim Eskildsen have since joined the gallery. Additionally, a loose series of exhibitions has highlighted „masters of their craft“, artists that have had a strong influence on photography today, such as Arno Fischer, Thomas Hoepker, Elliott Erwitt, Otto Steinert or Peter Keetman.

Since 2007, the gallery takes part in international art fairs and has exhibited in Miami, Berlin, Madrid, New York, Basel and is a regular exhibitor at Paris Photo since 2009. The gallery cooperates internationally with museums, curators and publishers and puts out its own publications through Robert Morat Edition. The gallery is a member of AIPAD (Association of International Photography Art Dealers) and BVDG (Federal Association of German Art Dealers).

As a reviewer, Robert Morat offers professional feedback and guidance to photographers wishing to establish themselves in the European and international photography art market. He is most intersted in cohesive, serial work, concept driven or documentary. Mr. Morat would prefer not to review work from the fields of fashion, nudes, advertising or stock photography.

Joan Morgenstern, Private Collector
Houston, Texas

Joan Morgenstern is a long time Houston collector of photography and has been involved in the fine arts community for many years. She is a past President of Houston Center for Photography. She is currently Co-Chair of the Art Committee for the Robert I. Kahn Gallery at Congregation Emanu El, and she is a member of the Photography Accessions Committee at the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston.

She is interested in many different types of photography and processes. She is also interested in work with Jewish subject matter. She loves animals, particularly dogs, so please no mistreated or dead animals.

Edward Osowski, Photo Collector
Houston, Texas

Since my first photo purchase, over thirty years ago, I have collected photography. My knowledge of photography was shaped by the magazines "Life" and "Look" which I read faithfully through the 1950's and 1960's.

A long-term member of Houston Center for Photography, I served four terms as president in the mid 1990's and currently am a member of its Advisory Committee. I initiated a regular book-review section of "Spot," HCP's magazine.

I just completed my second five-year term as a corporate of Worcester Art Museum. I have also held several positions with PhotoForum, the support group of Museum of Fine Arts, Houston.

My collecting now is directed at increasing the holdings at WAM of emerging and mid-career photographers. I am especially interested in photo-journalism and documentary work and the ways in which aesthetic, cultural, and political issues interact.

I take pleasure in assisting young photographs in preparing their portfolios for review and in strengthening their project statements.

Chantel Paul, Curatorial
Museum of Photographic Arts, San Diego, CA

Chantel Paul is the curatorial assistant at the Museum of Photographic Arts [MOPA]. She recently worked on the exhibition Streetwise: Masters of 60s Photography which received a National Endowment for the Arts grant and included an exhibition catalog published by Modernbook. She is currently working on an exhibition focused on sustainability with Ed Burtynsky, Michael Wolf, Chris Jordan and others. MOPA collects, exhibits and presents diverse programsrelated to contemporary photographers and historic movements that have shaped the medium. MOPA’s annual calendar offers comprehensive exhibitions, lectures, and workshops. The museum rarely organizes solo exhibitions, but offers opportunities to exhibit the work of emerging and mid-career photographers in group shows.

Prior to her work at MOPA, Ms. Paul served as the Director for the Morrison HotelGallery in La Jolla, CA. She has worked with artists and archives ranging from Herman Leonard, Terry O'Neill, Jim Marshall, and Danny Clinch,among others. As Director of the Morrison Hotel Gallery she helped coordinate exhibitions with Lincoln Center in New York City, the Southeast Museum of Photography, and the Brooklyn Museum of Art. She was a participating lecturer with Henry Diltz at the 2009 Palm Springs Photo Festival.

As a portfolio reviewer, Ms. Paul offers photographers guidance forprofessional development, critical feedback, and insight into the museum exhibition process. She is interested in work that pushes boundaries and explores the medium through well-executed ideas. Ms. Paul is not interested in seeing nudes, illustrative digital collage, or commercial work.

Rixon Reed, Founder and Director
photo-eye, Santa Fe, New Mexico

Rixon Reed is the founder and director of photo-eye, a contemporary gallery, photo bookstore and resource for art photography located in Santa Fe, New Mexico and online at

Mr. Reed will be looking for work for possible inclusion in one of four venues: photo-eye Gallery, a contemporary gallery in Santa Fe showing work by renowned, mid-career artists; Photographer's Showcase (, an online extension of photo-eye Gallery, exhibiting projects/portfolios by emerging and mid-career artists, with online representation by photo-eye Gallery; PhotoBistro (, an online gallery devoted to showing work from a diverse group of artists, connecting interested parties directly with the artist or their agent; and API - Art Photo Index (, an innovative global, visual database of art photographers and their work.

Reed is seeking cohesive bodies of work with fresh ideas and viewpoints, along with work that is produced in unusual, aesthetically interesting ways. As photo-eye is among the world’s leading sources for photo books, he is also interested in book projects. He is less interested in fashion, classical nude and traditional landscape photography.

Rudolf Scheutle, Curator
Münchner Stadtmuseum/Photographic Collection, Munich, Germany

Rudolf Scheutle is currently curating exhibitions of contemporary art and photography at Münchner Stadtmuseum. The photography collection within the Municipal Museum of Munich was founded in 1961, and has one of the most important collections in Europe. The museum usually mounts around 5-6 exhibitions per year. Mr. Rudolf also teaches the History of Photography at the Hochschule München, the University of Applied Sciences in Munich. He has written numerous publications and has organized exhibitions on photography and contemporary art.

Mr. Scheutle is interested in reviewing innovative and creative photography-based contemporary art that extend the boundaries of current photographic practice. He has no interest in reviewing the work of amateurs.

Jennifer Schwartz, Owner/Director
Jennifer Schwartz Gallery, Atlanta, GA

Jennifer Schwartz is the owner of Jennifer Schwartz Gallery, located in Atlanta, Georgia. Jennifer Schwartz Gallery is a fine art photography gallery promoting talented, original and emerging photographers as well as established contemporary photographers. Through regular rotating exhibitions, educational artist talks and the representation of gifted and unique up-and-coming photographers, the gallery aims to enhance awareness of the rich variety of photographic talent.

The Jennifer Schwartz Gallery is committed to the photographic community, both locally and at large. Our goal is to offer dynamic programs, show important and interesting work, and create a warm and open environment to foster learning and a love for photography. We value collaboration and aim to be a resource to both photographers and collectors alike.

Jennifer Schwartz is originally from Richmond, Virginia, and has her BA from Colgate University and her MA from Georgia State University. The owner of a successful commercial photography business for ten years, she opened her gallery in 2009 to give Atlanta’s thriving photography community a venue to showcase the work of emerging photographers.

Jennifer most recently participated as a reviewer at PhotoNOLA in New Orleans, the Society of Photographic Educators National Conference in Atlanta, and Photo Lucida in Portland, Oregon. She will also be a reviewer at Atlanta Celebrates Photography’s portfolio review this Fall. In addition to these portfolio reviews, she is the creator of the on-going program, Roundtable Review.

Jennifer is interested in reviewing developed and innovative collections with cohesive and strong concepts. She is not interested in seeing overly-processed photographs. Aside from offering critiques of the photography itself, she may be able to offer opportunities to artists to show work at the Jennifer Schwartz Gallery in either group or solo exhibitions, as well as offer potential representation.

Rebecca Senf, Ph.D, Norton Family Curator
Phoenix Art Museum, Phoenix, AZ
Joint appointment with the Center for Creative Photography, Tucson, AZ

The Phoenix Art Museum, which has just celebrated its fiftieth anniversary, began a collaboration with the Center for Creative Photography in 2006. The Center, which was founded in 1975, is one of the preeminent research centers for the study of photography, including the archives of Edward Weston, Ansel Adams, Harry Callahan, W. Eugene Smith, Lola Alvarez Bravo and a collection of nearly 100,000 photographs. Senf curates exhibitions drawn from the Center’s holdings that go on view in a dedicated gallery at the Phoenix Art Museum.

Some of her past exhibitions include Richard Avedon: Photographer of Influence; Human Nature: the Photographs of Barbara Bosworth; Odyssey: the Photographs of Linda Connor; Charting the Canyon: Photographs by Mark Klett and Byron Wolfe; and Face to Face: 150 Years of Photographic Portraiture. Senf went to undergraduate school at the University of Arizona, studying the History of Photography. She spent ten years in Boston, Massachusetts where she earned a Ph.D. in Art History at Boston University. While there she worked on the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston’s major exhibition Ansel Adams from The Lane Collection, for which she also co-authored the exhibition catalogue. A major upcoming project is a traveling exhibition and catalogue on the fashion photographer Louise Dahl-Wolfe (2013). Senf has served on various selection panels and nominating committees and has been an invited reviewer for Photolucida’s Portfolio Review, Photo Alliance’s Our World Portfolio Review, and Critical Mass.

Senf is open to reviewing any type of work, although she is most likely to be able to comment on photography that is created as personal expression (i.e. yes to landscapes, figure studies, still lives, portraits, auto-biographical work, abstracts, etc. in color, black-and-white, alternative processes, digital or film based – not as helpful with commercial work or photojournalism). She can comment on every step of the art making process from idea to object making, from editing to exhibition presentation, and from sequencing to publication. Senf’s primary role as a reviewer is to provide constructive criticism and feedback from the museum curatorial perspective, but acquisitions and exhibitions are possible.

Matthew Shaul, Artistic Director Contemporary Art Program
University of Hertfordshire, Hatfield, United Kingdom

Matthew Shaul is Artistic Director of the contemporary art program at the University of Hertfordshire 5 miles north of London (established 1995) He is also Director at Departure Lounge – a new contemporary photographic gallery in Luton 30 miles north of London. (established 2011)

As senior curator at UH Galleries Mr Shaul leads a predominantly lens based media program. Mr. Shaul has developed early career exhibition and publishing opportunities with emergent artists from all over the world (including 2 he met at the Houston Fotofest). He has developed many projects as major traveling exhibitions and developed partnerships with other galleries throughout the UK and Europe. Mr. Shaul has worked on solo exhibition projects and on group shows with prominent lens based artists including: David Shrigley, Erasmus Schröter, Eve Sussmann and Nigel Grimmer. His most prominent historical project to-date Do Not Refreeze a major survey of the documentary photography produced in the former East Germany. He has written extensively and published/edited exhibition catalogues for publishers like Dewi Lewis and Passagen Verlag (Germany).

Mr. Shaul is mainly interested in documentary, photo-journalism, photo-installation and contemporary fine art photography. He is also very interested in all forms of contemporary (and historical) portraiture and self-portraiture He is not interested in seeing commercial photography, or wildlife photography, unless it falls into the categories above. He can assist photographers in developing projects, touring exhibitions and accompanying publications with UK and international partners. He can work collaboratively with artists to assemble public/grant funding packages to facilitate projects.

Johan Sjöström, Curator of Exhibitions
Gothenburg Museum of Art, Gothenburg, Sweden

Johan Sjöström (b 1975) is the curator of exhibitions at Gothenburg Museum of Art in Sweden. The museum is one of the most important institutions for art in Scandinavia and the collections and the temporary exhibitions have a broad range; from Renaissance to international contemporary art, photography and new media.

In addition to curating more than 40 museum shows at venues such as BildMuseet at Umea University, Göteborgs Konsthall and Gothenburg Museum of Art, Mr. Sjöström has been invited to curate exhibitions, review and lecture at numerous international photo events including European Central Bank Annual Photography Award, Germany; Rencontres d’Arles in France; FotoFest in Houston; FotoFest in Moscow, Russia; Odense FotoTriennal in Denmark; Rhubarb-Rhubarb in Birmingham, UK; FotoBild in Berlin, Germany; Artphoto Image Festival in Bucharest, Romania; Bratislava Month of Photography in Slovakia; Skábmagovat in Inari, Finland and FotoFest in Beijing, China. He has been lecturing on photography at Umea University, Sweden; Hanoi Academy of Fine Arts, Vietnam; Chung-Ang University, South Korea and Abo Akademi, Finland. He contributed to magazines including Source, Artphoto, fotoMAGAZIN, Pavilion Magazine and Paletten, and is also the editor of several publications including Close Your Eyes And Tell Me What You See; History Acts; A Good Idea; Lara Baladi - Kai’ro; The Politics of Place and Head North. He curated the Bucharest Biennale in 2008.

Mr. Sjöström is most interested in reviewing creative, conceptually oriented photography, video and new media, political, postcolonial and multicultural issues, postmodern landscape, issues of gender, identity and sexuality. He is not interested in reviewing fashion, traditional documentary, classical nudes and landscapes or commercial work.

Marie-Pierre Subtil, Chief Editor
6Mois, Paris, France

Marie-Pierre Subtil is the chief editor of 6Mois, an international photojournalism magazine based in Paris, France. 6Mois publishes a 350 pages issue twice a year of photo essays from all over the world, featuring how people live in the twenty first century. Each issue gathers hundreds of images.

As a journalist, Marie-Pierre Subtil worked for Le Monde for 22 years. The photo essays published in 6Mois are composed of at least 20 pictures. Each picture is presented with a long caption written by the editor. Editor and photographer work in close collaboration to present a story in a journalistic way.

The review does not publish news, artistic, or landscapes images.

Ms. Subtil is interested in long term projects that show depth and proximity with the subject. For example, Darcy Padilla’s Julie project was published in the first issue, in March 2011.

Christoph Tannert, Director
Kunstlerhaus Bethanien, Berlin, Germany

Künstlerhaus Bethanien Berlin is an International Artists in Residence Center that has been in existence since 1975. More than 750 artists from all over the world have been there. Within the scope of the Studio Programme, the Künstlerhaus Bethanien provides curatorial support for realising projects, provision of workshops and technical infrastructure (including qualified personnel), presentation of the projects produced in the Künstlerhaus, publicity work for all events, permanent mediation of contacts to international curators, art critics, and publicists. For the period of their stay (12 months), the grantees receive a monthly subsidy. Acceptance into the International Studio Programme is based on the decision of a jury. Since 2000, Mr. Tannert has been Managing Director as well as Chief Curator for the visual arts section. Mr. Tannert studied Art History at the Berlin Humboldt University and has been working as an art critic, curator and exhibition manager since 1981. He directed various international exhibition and book projects. Besides his work as a curator and writer, he directs the "2ndPhotofestival Mannheim_Ludwigshafen_Heidelberg 2007", one of the Inter¬national Festivals of Photography and Visual Arts in Germany.

Mr. Tannert is most interest in reviewing artistic and documentary work that seem to understand the roots of the past, while successfully moving forward with new and exciting ideas in photography and video. In the near future, Mr. Tannert will be curating exhibitions on young Photography for 2010 and 2011.

He is most interested in reviewing creative photography, documentary photography and photojournalism. Mr. Tannert does not wish to review commercial works. He can help photographers with networking and promotion opportunities in Germany and Europe.

Corinne Tapia, Director
Sous Les Etoiles Gallery, New York, New York, USA


Corinne Tapia has been involved for the last 20 years in the photography world as a collector and consultant. Corinne Tapia also collaborates in portfolio reviews with Photolucida (Portland), ICP (New York), and Les Rencontresd’Arles (France). She initiates exchange artist program with international photo galleries as well. She recently focused on the contemporary Japanese photography with several thematic exhibitions of Japanese photographers with the partnerships of Gallery 21 in Tokyo. Member of TOKYO-GA commissioner’s board in Japan, Ms. Tapia is in charge of this ambitious project in U.S.A.

Ms. Tapia is always looking to receive bodies of work suitable for exhibition. Aside from offering criticism and critique of the photography itself, she can also provide advice and directions in term of promoting projects.

Ingo Taubhorn, Curator
Haus der Fotografie, Hamburg, Germany

Ingo Taubhorn is the chief-curator at the House of Photography in Hamburg, Germany (Haus der Photographie | Deichtorhallen Hamburg). He studied visual communication in Dortmund with a focus on film and photography and started his photographic career as a photo artist. He has exhibited internationally with works such as “Mensch Mann”, “VaterMutterIch” (FatherMotherMe), “Die Kleider meiner Mutter” (My Mother’s Clothes’). Since 1988 he has worked as a freelance curator for art institutions such as the Museum Folkwang in Essen, the Pat Hearn Gallery in New York and the Neue Gesellschaft für Bildende Kunst in Berlin (NGBK). Since 2006 he has been the curator at the Haus der Photographie | Deichtorhallen Hamburg. In recent years he has curated many individual and group shows, which included artists such as Lillian Bassman and Paul Himmel, Mark Morrisroe, Hanna Wilke, Saul Leiter, Kiyoshi Suzuki, Herbert Tobias, Hans Christian Schink, Andreas Gefeller, Dörte Eißfeldt, Beate Gütschow, Andreas Mühe and supports with exhibitions like "gute aussichten" young photographers. He is the president of the Deutsche Fotografische Akademie (DFA) and teaches photography and visual media at the University of Applied Sciences FH Bielefeld. Current publications: “VETO – Zeitgenössische Positionen in der deutschen Fotografie”, Kehrer Verlag 2011. Upcoming exhibitions and publications in 2012: "Saul Leiter: The Unseen Eye – The Retrospective" and "Albert Watson: Memories and Visions feat. Faces of Africa".

When the House of Photography opened in the southern Deichtorhalle in 2005, Hamburg found itself proud home not only to a new and elegant exhibition hall, but also to two major photographic collections of an exceptional international standard. Ever since, the House of Photography at Deichtorhallen Hamburg has presented temporary exhibitions on photography, from historical positions of the 19th and 20th centuries through to young contemporary photography and aspects of the digital revolution.

Ingo Taubhorn is most interested in reviewing creative, conceptually oriented photography, serial work, issues of gender, identity and sexuality and documentary photography. He is also interested in other media such as video, installations or mixed techniques. Mr. Taubhorn would prefer not to review work from the fields of fashion and commercial work.

Amber Terranova, Photo Editor
Photo District News magazine, New York, NY, USA

Amber Terranova is the photo editor for Photo District News, the leading industry magazine for professional photographers for over two decades. PDN delivers the information photographers need to survive in a competitive business—from marketing and business advice to legal issues, photographic techniques, new technologies, interviews, portfolios of the latest photographic work and more.

Amber previously worked for New York and Outside magazines. She has reviewed portfolios for the New York Photo Festival, the International Center of Photography, Review LA, Review Santa Fe, Photo NOLA, SCAD Silver & Ink Conference, the Boulder Magazine Conference, The Telluride Photo Festival, APA, and has been a guest lecturer at ICP, SVA, MICA (Baltimore), Dawson College in Montreal and Bilder Nordic School of Photography in Oslo. She has judged national photo contests, serving in 2009 as a juror for Review Santa Fe and in 2010 and 2011 as a judge for the International Photography Awards. She also judged The Center for Fine Art Photography’s Red competition, an issue of F-Stop magazine, Light Work Student Competition, 2011 Worldwide Photography Gala Awards and 2011 Tierney Fellowship. A strong believer in one-on-one critique and mentorship, Amber helps photographers fully realize their potential and broaden their market.

Her taste in photography tends toward emerging and established artists with strong personal projects, surprising content and evidence of social engagement as well as distinctive commercial and editorial work. As a portfolio reviewer, Amber offers participants editing and marketing advice as well as insight into the opportunities available to photographers at PDN. She would prefer not to review floral and stock photography.

Paula Tognarelli, Executive Director
Griffin Museum of Photography, Winchester, MA

Paula Tognarelli is the Executive Director and Curator of the Griffin Museum of Photography. The Griffin Museum of Photography located in Winchester outside Boston, Massachusetts, is a small nonprofit photography museum whose mission is to promote an appreciation of photographic art and a broader understanding of its visual, emotional and social impact. The museum houses 3 galleries and maintains 4 satellite gallery spaces and several virtual on-line galleries as well. Ms. Tognarelli is responsible for producing over 50 exhibitions a year at the Griffin and its surrounding satellite spaces.

She holds an M.S. in Arts Administration from Boston University, BA from Regis College, is a graduate of the New England School of Photography and is a current candidate for her Masters in Education at Lesley University. She has juried and curated exhibitions internationally including American Photo's Image of the Year and the Lishui International Photography Festival in Lishui, China. She is a regular participant in national and local portfolio reviews, has been a panelist and featured speaker at photography events and conferences including MacWorld. She has been a panelist for the Massachusetts Cultural Council's Photography Fellowships and is a nominator for the Prix Pictet in Geneva, Switzerland. She is a past member of the Xerox Technical Advisory Board. She is on the advisory board of the New England School of Photography.

Ms. Tognarelli will be reviewing portfolios with the intention of filling exhibition spaces over the next two years. She is open to viewing a broad range of photography but will be looking for completed bodies of work that are ready for exhibition. She is also interested in work that can be connected to programming and education projects. Ms. Tognarelli approaches portfolio reviews from the perspective of an educator offering assessment and guidance to photographers to realize their objectives.

Juan Travnik, Director
FotoGalería del Teatro San Martín, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Juan Travnik is an experienced teacher and curator in the field of creative photography; he is recognized as one of the most important contemporary photographers of his country. He has participated in many individual and group exhibitions all over the world and was a founding member of the Consejo Argentino de Fotografía. He has been awarded the fellowship of the John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation in 2006.

He is Director of La FotoGalería del Teatro San Martín, founded in 1985. The gallery has a program of at least 12 exhibitions annually and balances the participation of emerging and established photographers. He is also Director of the Espacio Fotográfico de la Ribera, member of Luz Austral Foundation, and Curator of Encuentros Abiertos (Argentine’s Photofestival).

He is very open-minded as to subject matter, but he doesn’t want to see commercial photography. He is interested in seeing straight photography, essays on different subjects and all kinds of new trends and visions. He can provide the opportunity to exhibit and present photographer’s work in Argentina.

Clint Willour, Curator
Galveston Arts Center, Galveston, Texas, USA

Clint Willour has been the curator of the Galveston Arts Center for the past twenty-two years, and an art professional for nearly forty years. He is active on boards of numerous arts organizations in Texas,has served as a juror for over seventy competitions and has curated over 200 photography exhibitions in his career. He serves regularly as a guest curator for institutions throughout the state of Texas and beyond – most recently for the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston and DiverseWorks Artspace, Houston. He is known for the multi-disciplinary focus of his taste.

He lectures and writes regularly on contemporary photography – most recently in books on Keith Carter, Sean Perry, Dornith Doherty, Dianne Kornberg and Nealy Blau.

Clint is currently a member of the Exhibition Committee of the Houston Center for Photography, a member of the Photography Accessions Sub-committee of the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, a member of the Art Committee of FotoFest, Houston, and a board member of Photo Forum at the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston. He has been a meeting place reviewer at every FotoFest, Houston, every Photolucida (Portland) every Critical Mass (Portland), as well as reviewing portfolios for organizations in Texas, Oklahoma, Santa Fe, New Orleans, Arles, Montreal, Barcelona, Beijing and Buenos Aires.

In reviewing portfolios, Clint advises on professional development, portfolio enhancement and curatorial guidance. He does not wish to view commercial photography (except photojournalism) or work he has previously reviewed.

Joanne Junga Yang, Director/Curator/Editor
Y&G Art, Seoul, South Korea

Joanne Junga Yang is the director of Y&G Art Global contemporary project, an agency specialized in exchange of fine art photography, finding and introducing contemporary artists around the world to the Asian public. Y&G Art is an international project based on the concept of Korea’s first art photography agency collaborating with galleries, museums, festivals, and magazines.

Joanne is the curator of Seoul Photo Festival (2011) which is Korea's annual leading international contemporary festival of photography in Seoul. She has organized and curated many exhibitions on contemporary art and photography.

Joanne is also the editor of ARTVAS/THE PHOTO art and photography magazine and the guest editor and collaborator of many other magazines/newspapers including Korean ‘Monthly Photography’, ‘Photo journal’. She worked with POINT Asian contemporary art magazine as a chief editor (2010, 2011). She has contributed many articles to diverse magazines, interviewed international artists, and introduced their work to the Korean media, based on her professional background, and expertise, in the field of photography.

Joanne is most interested in reviewing contemporary and developed bodies of work into diverse issues. She is not interested in reviewing commercial photography. Exploiting her networks within the Korean art media, she is able to promote artists and their work through Korean magazines and journals, providing them with an opportunity to hold their exhibitions.

Adrienne Johnson Yost, Senior Associate
Kinzelman Art Consulting, Houston, Texas

Adrienne Johnson Yost has been with Kinzelman Art Consulting since May of 2005 where she is a senior associate. Throughout her six and a half years at Kinzelman, she has advised collectors, from the beginner to the well seasoned, in the acquisition of single works of art as well as in the building of major, large-scale collections. She has also curated and arranged several rotating exhibitions for Kinzelman Art clients. Before joining Kinzelman she worked as a registrar and exhibitions coordinator at a well-respected contemporary Houston art gallery.

Adrienne attended Trinity University in San Antonio, Texas, where she earned her BFA in Art History in 2003 and completed an intensive art-history program in Siena, Italy via Vanderbilt University in 2002. Adrienne is also active in the community and finds involvement within the nonprofit art and architecture communities to be valuable volunteer and learning opportunities. She currently serves on the Lawndale Art Center Programming Committee, the Rice Design Alliance Programming Committee and the William A. Graham Artist Emergency Fund Board.

As a portfolio reviewer, Adrienne offers participants guidance in editing and can assist photographers with appropriate ways of presenting their portfolios and work for consideration by collectors. She is most interested in viewing innovative and cohesive bodies of work that are suitable for exhibition and sale within the corporate or private sectors. She is not interested in viewing commercial, stock, socio-political, fashion, nudes or floral based imagery.

Natalie Zelt, Curatorial Assistant for Photography
Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, Texas, USA

Natalie Zelt is the curatorial assistant for photography at the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, a position she has held since 2009. In this role, Zelt has helped organize all photography exhibitions at the museum since her arrival. She is currently working on the upcoming exhibition WAR/PHOTOGRAPHY: Images of Armed Conflict and Its Aftermath as well as its accompanying catalogue. Prior to coming to Houston, Zelt was gallery assistant at Hemphill Fine Arts in Washington, DC and curated the Publishers Exhibition for FotoWeek DC’s Inaugural year.

She is a founding organizer of Gift of Gift of (or GoGo) which hosts an annual exhibition and party that benefits emerging photographers by collectively purchasing their work and offering it as a gift of Gift of Gift of to a major museum. For more information about GoGo and its annual call for entries visit

Zelt can offer insight into the museum exhibition and acquisition process as well as critical feedback and advice on creative and professional direction. She is open to review all types of photography but is most helpful to those who use photography to question and explore contemporary culture. Zelt is most interested in reviewing bodies of work by photographers who consider themselves emerging; works in progress or completed projects; traditional and non-traditional photographic media. She is not interested in reviewing stock photography or commercial work.

Del Zogg, Manager, Works on Paper & Photography Collections
Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, Texas, USA

Del Zogg holds a bachelor’s degree in Photography from the Rochester Institute of Technology and a Master’s degree from Syracuse University. His photographs are part of the permanent collection of several major museums and numerous private collections.

A specialist scholar and curator in photography, he has been the Manager of the Works on Paper Study Center and Collections Manager, Works on Paper + Photography at the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston since 2002. Prior to joining the MFAH he worked at George Eastman House, International Museum of Photography and Film for over twenty years.

He has participated in portfolio reviews for Fotofest, the Houston Center for Photography, Atlanta Celebrates Photography, and Photo Lucida. He has curated several exhibitions at both Eastman House and MFAH.

Mr. Zogg is most interested in work that shows a mature vision no matter what the age of the artist. Antique or alternative photographic processes are of interest as are traditional imaging processes.

Manfred Zollner, Photo Editor
fotoMAGAZIN, Hamburg, Germany

fotoMAGAZIN is a monthly periodical with a print run of over 80,000 copies. In Germany, the magazine is one of the leading photography periodicals and has been on the market for 60 years.

In 1987 Mr. Zollner received his degree in Mass Communications at Munich University and began his journalistic career as a film critic in 1987. From 1987 to 1991 he has been editor of several film magazines in Munich and after that he decided to devote himself completely to photography. He started working with fotoMAGAZIN in 1991 as Director of Photography and from October 2003 to February 2006 he was Editor in Chief of the German periodical Photo Technik International. He has returned fulltime to fotoMAGAZIN in 2006. Here he has taken the position of Managing Editor in March 2007.

Mr. Zollner can offer opportunities to publish photographer’s work in fotoMAGAZIN’s six-page-portfolios and online-portfolios on the magazine´s website. The magazine also promotes and sells Fine Art Edition Prints of photographers (for which he will be selecting images) and makes a point of introducing new talent to the readers. Once a Year fotoMAGAZIN gives away a 5000 Euro cash NEW TALENT AWARD. Mr. Zollner is happy to discuss the photographer’s work and give advice with information on the German photography market (publishing houses, magazines, galleries, etc). He´s looking for signature style work in any field of photography, work that is showing the photographer’s individual approach to a chosen subject.